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Day 28 - update from the girls

January 8, 2019

Day 28
KYMIRAsport comes out on top! By now all of our clothing is fully salt ridden and nothing ever stays dry. We cannot fault our Kymira gear - at night our compression leggings keep us warm & our sports socks have kept our feet from rubbing in our foot plates. Thank you once again Kymira for all your support.
Today is another slow calm day, winds are due to build again this evening. We are surviving on blocks of sleep of 1hr 30min at any one time during night hours & often now row 3hr shifts by day with just 1hr breaks to make up some miles. The sleep deprivation has definitely had an effect on our mental states, with many crazy hallucinations - Emily takes the crown for the strangest nocturnal activities, providing hilarious entertainment!
Singing is a must on board, we’ve even got Lou blasting out some Disney classics!
Thanks everyone for following, we hear yellow brick is the new craze back home!

#madebythesea #atlanticcampaigns #twac2018 #kymira #kymirasport #amazingsocks #bestkit #3000miles 


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