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103 days until race start

September 25, 2018

“Seasickness, shows and September deadlines”!

Despite it being just over 100 days until the race start August has proven to be a month filled with many firsts.

Right at the beginning if the month we set out on our first night row.

We launched from Salcombe with a passage plan we had discussed with Imogen and Harry Robinson from My Passage Plan, and excitedly we rowed away from Batson Slip.

We eased in to our rowing shifts, made our dinner, and took it in turns to rest.

We spotted a Sun fish who was promptly given the name “Simon the Sun fish”, and we cruised towards Plymouth feeling very pleased with ourselves.

As it became darker the winds grew stronger and the swell increased. Being on deck rowing was far more preferable than being rocked around inside the cabin. The small cabin in particular was not a nice place to be. Full of equipment that demands your attention whilst you’re being tossed around, combined with the funny smell that cabin has always produced makes for quite a queasy atmosphere!

It was not long before the inevitable seasickness dominoes began. It was however possibly the most polite case of three people being sick I have ever experienced as Lou, Emily and myself took it in turns to lean over the side.
There was a lot of, “excuse me, I just need to...”, and “I’m so sorry, I’ll be right back”, and, “I’m nearly done”...

It felt like one of the longest nights of my life and it’s at those moments you actually think, can I do this? It was such a relief to see Tony the next morning.

Chloe, who has been completely unaffected by the seasickness bounced off the boat and dashed to our fellow cougar; Crofty’s wedding. Whilst Lou, Emily and myself went home to try and stabilise our bodies with a nice cup of tea and washed the sick out of our hair...

We have a huge thank you for Crofty and her husband George, and their very generous wedding guests who raised a whopping £886 towards our campaign - thank you!

We had a two night row pencilled in the diary for the following weekend, but on the advice of Imogen and Harry we postponed our trip. This was a big disappointment for us as we were desperate to get a longer shift on board to practice our routines under fatigue, and, to put the nightmare of the previous night row behind us.

The next weekend was a busy one,attending Salcombe Regatta, Royal William Yard and Frogmore Regatta. We are very lucky to meet so many different people at these events who offer all kinds of different help and contacts which have been so beneficial in our campaign. Not to mention all the different members of the public who stop and chat and donate to our expedition.

We met up with Paul Harris at the Quayside leisure centre. Paul had created a programme for us to follow to make better use of our time at the gym and help us achieve our 6% muscle mass gain. Tuna and chicken now feature heavily on the menu! Thanks Paul!

On the last weekend of August Chloe and Emily took the boat down to Hope Cove weekend, another great opportunity to spread the word and run our competitions. Lou and I stayed back at rowing HQ, (Lou’s house), and spent most of the day paper chasing, organising, list making, and purchasing the never ending list of equipment required for the boat.
Later that afternoon we headed back out on the water to achieve night number two at sea. We had some lovely calm conditions with a full moon making it possible to see so much more. There were some slight changes in the seasickness stakes, but, we know this is something we will all have to push through on the Atlantic, character building maybe?

The good news is we have all been signed off as medically fit for our Atlantic expedition. To comply with race rules we all have to be thoroughly checked over, this includes having an ECG, blood pressure and lung checks. We are extremely grateful to Dr Doug Ansley and Brixham clinic for providing this for us free of charge. It’s gestures like this that will allow us to raiseeven more money for the Devon Air Ambulance Trust.

Throughout the whole month of August we have had a deadline to complete many of the things necessary for the row looming over us. By the 1st September; rowing hours, medical and dental checks, registering of locator beacons and final payment for race entry and shipping for Huntress had to be completed. We are very happy to say this has all be done, mainly due to our absolute Queen of admin and lists Lou Read!

On to September now which is going to be a very busy month getting everything we need to pack in to Huntress before she is shipped towards the end of October.

Don’t forget our quiz night is 26th September message any member of the team to book your place!  


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